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Re: Fwd: Progress report on CodeFestAkihabara, macbook Debian installation experience


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> >   Current work around is to reboot into rEFIt and run gptsync, and
> >   then run d-i from CDROM, and then configure the bootloader.
> > 
> could you please give more details about this?

# apt-get install refit (when it enters past the NEW queue)
# gptsync /dev/sda

I've temporarily put refit packages on:

It really needs more work.

> but I don't know how to properly run this (usin "bless" I guess, but
> I have problems with the syntax)

$ man bless (on MacOSX)

> > I'm feeling quite stuck since it is impossible to install Debian
> > without either an external storage or a MacOSX installation.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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