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Re: These new diffs are great, but...

* Marc Haber:

> The machine in Question is a P3 with 1200 MHz. What's making the
> process slow is the turnaround time for the http requests, as observed
> multiple times in this thread alone.

Then your setup is very broken.  APT performs HTTP pipelining.

On my machines, I see the behavior Miles described: lots of disk I/O.
Obviously, APT reconstructs every intermediate version of the packages

The fix is to combine the diffs before applying them, so that you only
need one process the large Packages file once.  I happen to have ML
code which does this (including the conversion to a patch
representation which is more amenable to this kind of optimization)
and would be willing to port it to C++, but someone else would need to
deal with the APT integration because I'm not familiar with its

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