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#195752: Can somebody mark this bug as grave or critical?

I just did an upgrade, and laptop-net caused my network interface to
disappear. This is documented here:


laptop-net restarts network interfaces when it is upgraded. This is *nasty*.
If you are upgrading over a network, this causes your controlling terminal
to disappear, leaving dpkg hung. If other packages are being upgraded at the
same time, this can leave the entire system in an unusable state.
Furthermore, if the network restart fails for some reason, the entire box is
essentially killed:

$ ssh faraway@fliplid
ssh: connect to host fliplid port 22: No route to host

I'm *FURIOUS* that this bug has caused me to lose access to my laptop, and
incredulous that THIS HAS BEEN A BUG FOR THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... especially because it's configured to just leave the network interface
alone when it's working. It's only supposed to drop/raise connections when
the cable is unplugged/plugged in.


Looking at the bug's history it seems like they've tried to fix it a few
times and failed. I guess I'm going to purge this package and just do an
ifdown/ifup manually when I need to from now on.

But yeah, I'm not in an official position to say, but if this isn't
considered a "critical" or at least "grave" bug, then I don't know what is.

	- Tyler

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