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Re: make -j in Debian packages

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Let's allow maintainers to use make -jX according to their common
> sense, requiring obeying an env variable to opt out.

Why not just have some ENV variable (CONCURRENCY_LEVEL?) which
specifies the maximum -j; the package maintainer is free to choose any
level equal to or below that.

If CONCURRENCY_LEVEL is not set, the rules file must assume
CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=1 (or not specify -j?); this will keep what should
be the current status quo the same, and allow buildd's and other
builders to set this variable to a reasonable level for their system.

This has the disadvantage of not automatically using -j for every
package and requiring maintainer buy in to see results... but
presumably those packages where it actually makes a difference will
adopt it just so maintainer builds don't take as long.

Don Armstrong

There is no mechanical problem so difficult that it cannot be solved
by brute strength and ignorance.
 -- William's Law

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