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RFT: please test mdadm/experimental


I have done some major work on mdadm in experimental, which is now
at version 2.5.2-1. I still have not received enough success reports
to make me comfortable enough to upload to unstable, so here's
another request for testing (or else etch will ship with 2.4.1).

I am 95% confident that it's a smooth upgrade, though it helps if
you make sure that the output of the script /usr/share/mdadm/mkconf
looks okay before you reboot. Come and find me on IRC if you need
reconfirmation (see below).

Previously, mdadm required a newer version of initramfs-tools, one
which did not exist yet. I have addressed this issue with this
version, meaning that you can install it with *any* initramfs-tools
out there, and it will just do what it can do.

Details are in
http://madduck.net/~madduck/scratch/mdadm.README.experimental, which
is a little more up to date than the included
/usr/share/doc/mdadm/README.experimental .

Please test mdadm 2.5.2-1 and drop me a line if it works, or if it
does not! The package is in experimental or available here:


Again, do not hesitate to bug me on IRC
(#debian-devel/irc.debian.org) if you have questions or need


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