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Testing excuses question


I've seen some mysterious excuses on http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian

For example:

look at the package arch2darcs. There is:

    arch2darcs is adding amd64 binaries (no new version) 
    arch2darcs is waiting for tla

this looks OK.

But then

        Updating tla makes 1 depending packages uninstallable on i386: arch2darcs

And more

Dependency analysis (including build-depends; i386 only):

    info: arch2darcs depends on tla >= 1.3 (ok, testing has version 1.3.3-3)


- How can be arch2darcs be waiting for tla, if testing already has some version.
  I could understand it is waiting for tla to add amd64 packages too, but it blocks
  other arches.

- How can updating tla make arch2darcs on i386, if testing has version 1.3.3-3,
  is trying to update to 1.3.3-3.3 (it seems the maintainer does some numerology :-)
  and the dependency is in the form >=1.3?

It seems these packages are blocked by neon (which also block subversion, kdevelop
and rpm). There is  also another gem concerning neon:

    neon depends on libssl-dev >= 0.9.8a-3 but testing has 0.9.8b-2 (unstable has 0.9.8b-2)

It seems that all packages the webpage says are directly dependent on neon
already have a version that is not too young and is RC bug free, so if there aren't any
other reasons, they could go in.

BTW what is the exact reason for this situation?

   Jiri Palecek
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