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Re: make -j in Debian packages

su, 2006-06-25 kello 10:41 -0700, Tyler MacDonald kirjoitti:
> 	kernel-package uses the CONCURRENCY_LEVEL envrionment variable for
> this. And if I do a "CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=4" on my single-CPU system, it does
> actually go quite a bit faster. :)

Sure, even on a single CPU -jX (X > 1) can be faster, but it depends on
various factors, such as available memory, and other load on the
machine. Using -j is not something that should be on by default, but it
would be *really* nice if it were easy to turn on, for any package. Same
with other compilation options, as it happens.

Yet another quit message no-one will ever comment on.

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