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approx cacher (Re: ping for missing maintainers)

* Hamish Moffatt [Tue, 20 Jun 2006 23:33:21 +1000]:

> Actually it seems closer to approx than to apt-cacher. I switched over
> as apt-proxy became unusable and have few complaints. Like apt-proxy,
> the sources are set on the server rather than specified by the clients,
> and it has its own web server.

I was pointed to approx a while ago, but I was unthrilled that it was
not in sarge, and that backporting involved the word "OCaml". I ended up
(snort) writing a private cacher...

Anyway, I really wanted to at least try it this time, and well, it looks
nice. It's very simple in a way I like, which is nice, keeps packages in
the same structure as the mirrored archive, which I also like, and the
runtime dependencies are libc6, libpcre3, and curl.

The major issues ATM are groking the new Index files, which the maintainer 
is working on and, surprisingly, that it does not cache source packages,
which I'd say most DDs would want in a tool like this (but will eventually
get fixed, see #374736).

I went ahead and backported it. Packages for sarge should appear soon in
backports.org [1], once they clear NEW, and can be found for now here [2].

  [1] http://backports.org/debian/pool/main/a/approx
  [2] http://people.debian.org/~adeodato/tmp/2006-06-21/approx

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