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Re: Bug#374373: ITP: googleearth-package -- utility for automatically ...

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Miles Bader wrote:
> "Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> writes:
>> Is this really needed? Google was very careful in making sure
>> that the package installs in /usr/local, and does not interfere
>> with the system. Normally the main reason why a debian package
>> is better than what upsteam distributed is because using
>> upstreams packages will mess with stuff it should not touch.
> I like installing from a debian package even when the upstream 
> distributions a reasonable binary installation of their own.  No
> matter how good the upstream, the debian package is almost always
> even easier, more consistent, and less to worry about.

Concur.  Even if the installer isn't accepted into contrib, but were
in a separate mirror like Marrilat, I'd add it.

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