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Hello and request for sponsor (DomainKeys packages)

Greetings, official and unofficial Debian developers!

First, let me introduce myself. I'm a 27-year-old male from Sweden, for the 
time being living in Linköping where I am (or have been) studying Computer 
Science and Engineering.

My first contact with Debian that I was actually aware of, as well as my first 
real hands-on experience of Linux system administration and programming, 
wasn't until 2003, when a study mate of mine, who was the "CIO" of the local 
student tenants' association, recommended it as the distro of choice if one 
wanted easy maintenance and security upgrades, which is desirable in a high 
turnover student association. I have loved Debian and its packaging system 
ever since.

I have been fairly active reporting bugs and submitting patches, I think, both 
in Debian and upstream, especially since I started running Debian almost 
exclusively on my own boxes as well. Some are listed on 
http://www.kibibyte.se/comp/bugs/ (never mind the Swedish). Now I feel that 
it's time for me to maintain a package or two of my own, and I think I've 
found the perfect packages to begin with:

* libdomainkeys (http://bugs.debian.org/352653), and
* libmail-domainkeys-perl (http://bugs.debian.org/373213)

The whole DK thing is experimental, but for those wishing to experiment, at 
least Exim and SpamAssassin are prepared to use these prospective packages. 
It is also my understanding that Yahoo's license, unlike Microsoft's SenderID 
license, is quite OK. Is that correct?

So, what do you think, and is anyone willing to sponsor these tiny packages?

Magnus Holmgren        magnus@kibibyte.se, holmgren@lysator.liu.se
                       (No Cc of list mail needed, thanks)

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