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Re: egroupware upgrade drops several applications -- suggestions?

On Friday 16 June 2006 13:52, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> The upgrade to the new egroupware upstream drops several applications 
> [...]  On the other hand, if a sarge->etch 
> upgrade potentially throws away a bunch of functionality and data, users
> won't be happy.
> What to do?

Rename the package, and drop the old package name from etch.  Add a section 
to the release notes that users wanting to upgrade must manually do so but 
will lose functionality, while users wanting to retain the functionality 
will have no security support anymore.

Technically probably a clean solution, but since "nobody" ever reads the 
release notes, it *will* create problems in terms of some nasty "Debian 
lets egroupware users standing in the rain" /. article or so.

-- vbi

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