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SQL Ledger and PostgreSQL: ID fault on create database

Not sure if this is the right list, but unsure where to post as I need some guys with good debian experience


System setup and versions.


New install of Debian Stable with the following installed. All are the latest releases compiled from source with dependency requirements fulfilled and all make errors fixed.


Apache Server 2.2.2

Postgresql 8.1.4

Readline 5.1

Zlib 1.2.3

Openssl 0.9.8b

SQL-ledger 2.6.12




Perl 5.8


Everything “seems” to be running ok. Only problem is when creating a dataset in sql ledger  I keep getting the error




Create sequence id start 10000

Error: relation “id” already exists


Searched the web and found this article. http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-dist@lists.debian.org/msg195151.html checked instructions within but to no avail.


The postsgre template 1 has been recreated and the language is already installed. PGadmin3 confirms the database is created and language is correct. SQL-ledger sort of creates the new database behind the error but does not propagate it with anything.


Unsure where to go now to fix this problem. We need the latest release of postgreSQL and SQL-Ledger for our project.


Any help or guidance will be gratefully received.





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