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Re: Bug#363486: dpkg: [update-alternatives] New categories for: WORD, EXCEL, MEDIA-PLAYER etc.

Le mercredi 14 juin 2006 à 01:33 +0200, Hendrik Sattler a écrit :
> > >> If you open a file in a file browser, or you open it thru a web
> > >> browser or something, it might have a mime type assosiated with
> > >> it.  So what I think you suggest is that based on the mime-type
> > >> we start an application that should be able to handle that
> > >> mime-type.
> > >
> > > This is what the Freedesktop.org MIME database achieves. No need to
> > > reinvent what is already a widespread standard.
> >
> > The proposal here talks about differnt thing, but indirectly concerns
> > the mime types, which are used to associate actions to certain file
> > extensions.
> Why not have something that starts the proper program according to the given 
> mimetype? E.g.:
> x-mime-handler application/whatever

That would be run-mailcap, perhaps enhanced to not require a file name. 

An x-spreadsheet could indeed be a wrapper around run-mailcap, so that
the actual program to use could be overridden in ~/.mailcap.

Regards, Thibaut.

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