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Re: Bug#363486: dpkg: [update-alternatives] New categories for: WORD, EXCEL, MEDIA-PLAYER etc.

* Tue 2006-06-13 Josselin Mouette <joss AT debian.org>
* Message-Id: 1150231486.17236.21.camel AT utena.localnet
> Le lundi 12 juin 2006 à 20:44 +0200, Kurt Roeckx a écrit :
>> I think you're not very clear in what you're asking, so I'm going
>> to try and explain what I think you said.
>> If you open a file in a file browser, or you open it thru a web
>> browser or something, it might have a mime type assosiated with
>> it.  So what I think you suggest is that based on the mime-type
>> we start an application that should be able to handle that
>> mime-type.
> This is what the Freedesktop.org MIME database achieves. No need to
> reinvent what is already a widespread standard.

The proposal here talks about differnt thing, but indirectly concerns
the mime types, which are used to associate actions to certain file

Command line usage (or from Window manager menu):

    call: x-spreadsheet

instead of

    call: name-of-the-program-that-user-may-not-have

The mime types benefits from the alternatives framework too, whcih
currently use hard coded names (programs that user may not have

    application/msexcel; oocalc '%s ...

Whereas the entried would better read:

    application/msexcel; x-spreadsheet '%s ...

And the user selected program were configured with (and programs available
would register themselves into):

    update-alternatived --config x-spreadsheet


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