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Re: severities of blocking bugs

* Fri 2006-06-09 Ian Jackson <ian AT davenant.greenend.org.uk>
> If some program lacks a feature or bugfix you want for your package,
> then _implement it_ instead of whining !
> Most maintainers are much more cooperative when you tag the bug as
> +patch and say something like:

Nope. If you happend to send a patch to fix the problem, there are as
many responses as there are developers. I've got messages saying
"I/We're not interested".

> As opposed to writing to demand that the maintainer spend their free
> time to help you fix your problem !

Wrong. The person responsibnle for the package is responsible for
the bugs and features (coordinating them to upstream); overall things
for the whole package.

This responsibility cannot be put on the shoulders of others.
Everybody is on their free time, the bug submitter included. The
packager has *taken* the burden, so he should also carry it. Or
otherwise he is not the right person for the maintenance - it's not a
parking garage.

> Remember also that the purpose of bug reports is to help us improve
> the package.  The purpose of bug reports in Free software is _not_ to
> solve the submitter's problem !  (Although that's sometimes a helpful
> side-effect.)

Features and improvements raise on the field. Anything that can be
improved and make quality better can be considered bug (severity may


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