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Sound card issues [WAS: Re: Hello!]

KlarsDev wrote:
Hi, i have this problem:
I have debian 3.1 sarge installed on my PC, but i encounter some problems with my sound device. My sound card is C-media(external) it works ok, but i have a 5.1 EBODA sound system and i don`t know how to make it work with debian.
I tried with alsa but i can only use a 4 channels option.

If u could help my on this i would realy appriciate it!


A few things:

1. Please use more descriptive subject lines. "Hello!" is a common subject used by spam messages. 2. Your question is exceptionally vague; all we can ascertain is that you have some sort of problem (i.e., you provide no error output). 3. This question is not related to Debian development, but rather is more appropriate for the debian-user list, to which I have directed this message.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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