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Re: CDBS and dh_install

>   cdbs is top-down because it defines the package build as much as
>   possible in line with how the cdbs developers think it should be
>   done. It expects the developer to tweak the countless,
>   undocumented parameters until it's right.
>   debhelper is bottom-up because it gives you small tools that each
>   do their own thing. You then get to put them together to
>   accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Yeah. Interesting analogy.

So, actually, we have tools for both ways of thinking. Which is Good,
isn't it? After all, Unix is also the philosophy of achieving the
goals you have with the tools you find appropriate with regards of
your way to think....

But I suspect that implicitely telling Manoj that he thinks top-down
because he actually likes cdbs will get you into trouble,
dude. Top-down is not exactly a very liberal attitude (reference to a
thread in debconf-discuss for those not aware).....(just small pun

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