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Re: mystery of dh_installdirs


On Fri, Jun 09, 2006, Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> Hi all, I got an FTBFS bug yesterday;
> > There was an error while trying to autobuild your package:
> > > install -m 755 debian/lynx /build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur-wrapper/usr/bin/lynx-cur
> > > install: cannot create regular file `/build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur-wrapper/usr/bin/lynx-cur': No such file or directory

 From the buildd log, this seems wrong:
# Add here commands to install the package into debian/.
/usr/bin/make install-full x=".cur" prefix=/build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/usr \
        libdir=/build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/etc/lynx-cur \
        docdir=/build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/usr/share/doc/lynx-cur \
        helpdir=/build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/usr/share/doc/lynx-cur/lynx_help \

 The "prefix" and other vars you pass to configure shouldn't be
 overriden in make install.  You should switch to using "DESTDIR"
 instead.  Even if your package does not use automake, it seems to
 properly implement DESTDIR support.  make install DESTDIR=debian/tmp

 This is also scary:
mv -f /build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/usr/bin/lynx.cur /build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/usr/bin/lynx.old
mv: cannot stat `/build/buildd/lynx-cur-2.8.6dev18/debian/lynx-cur/usr/bin/lynx.cur': No such file or directory

 I couldn't reproduce the build failure the buildd experienced neither
 on my sid, nor in a pbuilder but I think you should fix the above
 problems first to see clearer in the problem.

 Perhaps it's a permission problem due to the usage of different umasks
 on the buildd setups and on our setups?  I saw numerous "mkdir" and
 "cp" calls, which should IMO be install -d and install calls.

 Oh and you might want to use dh_install and debian/*.install instead of
 calling install manually.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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