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Re: GPL-compatible libcrypto replacement?

James Westby <jw+debian@jameswestby.net> writes:

>> It is true that gnutls uses libgcrypt, but libgcrypt doesn't provide
>> anything like the same symbols as libcrypto.
> What functionality are you after? libgcrypto provides most of the
> ciphers of libcrypto (the big players at least) as well as hash etc. It
> does not have the same symbols as libcrypto as it is not meant to be a
> drop in replacement, it is a whole different project. I don't think
> there is a GPL compatible reimplementation of libcrypto, but maybe I'm
> wrong. 
> Why do you require the same symbols? Have you already written the code
> for libcrypto? If not what does it matter what symbols are provided?

We need something for gwenhywfar, an existing library which uses
libssl and libcrypto.


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