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Re: GPL-compatible libcrypto replacement?

On (08/06/06 16:47), Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Is there a GPL-compatible libcrypto replacement?  The only libcrypto I
> know of is the one bundled with openssl, which AFAICT is under the
> same license as openssl itself, which is GPL-incompatible.


> We have gnutls as a replacement for openssl itself, but what about
> libcrypto?

libgcrypt is in some sense a replacement.

> (Indeed, some things on the web say that gnutls *uses* libcrypto, but
> that can't be right.)

I don't know in what sense they mean uses, but no i'ts not right.

> It is true that gnutls uses libgcrypt, but libgcrypt doesn't provide
> anything like the same symbols as libcrypto.

What functionality are you after? libgcrypto provides most of the
ciphers of libcrypto (the big players at least) as well as hash etc. It
does not have the same symbols as libcrypto as it is not meant to be a
drop in replacement, it is a whole different project. I don't think
there is a GPL compatible reimplementation of libcrypto, but maybe I'm

Why do you require the same symbols? Have you already written the code
for libcrypto? If not what does it matter what symbols are provided?


  James Westby

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