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Re: GBit performance problem with nfs client

Hi Pasi,

The situation:
I have a file server running on Sarge AMD64 connected
with a 1GBit interface to a GBit uplink off the switch.
Do not think that this sounds like a common problem. It isn't!!!

Btw what switch do you have?

There is a known problem in HP switches where traffic from port operating at
Gigabit to port operating at 100 Mbps (or the other way) will be really slow.. 20-30 Mbps max. Although sometimes the performance is ok.. mostly not.

The problem can be "fixed" by disabling QoS features in the switch..

we have Enterasys switches. But if I use scp there is no problem.
The restricted performance occures during nfs transfers only.
Other clients on the 100MBit ports have no problem neither with
scp nor with nfs.


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