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GBit performance problem with nfs client

Dear Debian developers,

it seems that there is a little problem with the NFS client
in Debian sarge. I hope this is the best place to post this
problem. I have discussed this on
before but no solution has been found.

The situation:
I have a file server running on Sarge AMD64 connected
with a 1GBit interface to a GBit uplink off the switch.
Do not think that this sounds like a common problem. It isn't!!!

I am using the nfs-kernel-server on the file server.
Now, I copy a 6GB test file via nfs from the server to my
Sarge AMD64 client and get a transfer rate of about 2MB/s only.
Using scp I obtain about 10MB/s.

When I use other linux clients (e.g., different Suse versions or the
last stable Ubuntu) the nfs transfer rate is about 10MB/s (how it
should be).

The most interesting fact is, that I obtain about 10MB/s with
my Debian client if I connect the file server to a 100MBit Port
on the switch.

The following facts have been checked:
- network interface configuration (for the server and my client is o.k.
  and no changes occur during any file transfer)
- no collisions or trafic errors occur on the network interface or
  on the switch ports
- I have the same problem with a Sarge i386 client
- nfs transfer uses nfsv3
- different mount options test without success: tcp/udp, timeo,

Could it be that the reason of the performance problem can be found in
the NFS client itself?

Thanks and greetings
Gordon Grubert

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