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Re: GBit performance problem with nfs client

On Wed, 07 Jun 2006, Gordon Grubert wrote:
> I have a file server running on Sarge AMD64 connected
> with a 1GBit interface to a GBit uplink off the switch.
> Do not think that this sounds like a common problem. It isn't!!!


> The most interesting fact is, that I obtain about 10MB/s with
> my Debian client if I connect the file server to a 100MBit Port
> on the switch.

What gbit NIC, which driver, which driver version?  Does the driver exibit
different ping times (especially on *variance*) when in 1GB when compared to
100MB?   Is the entire *electrical path* from the GB nic to the switch
validated to be CAT5e?  Did you try different cabling?

Bad cables (no matter if they were *sold* as CAT5e, half the time that is a
gross lie) can really hose GBIT and still be more than good enough for
100MB/s, and actually deliver better performance at 100MB/s.

Also, some GBIT NICs require fairly new drivers (read: 2.6.17-rc) and
sometimes even patches to really work right.

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