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Re: Hidden files

On Wed, Jun 07, 2006 at 10:45:28AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> This argument is valid only for configuration.  There are more
> reasons to have files which are not displayed unless you ask for
> them.  For example:
> * .svn
>   Storing this metadata somewhere else would mean you have to
>   explicitely purge it every time you do something as basic as
>   deleting a dir.  Also, you are no longer free to move things around
>   by hand, can't move them to another machine without some kind of
>   export/import, and so on, so on.
> * .xvpics
>   It takes a long time to show the thumbnails, so caching them is not
>   a bad idea.  However, if this cache was placed anywhere else than
>   the dir which contains the images, thumbnails would accumulate
>   indefinitely -- with .xvpics, deleting the directory removes the
>   relevant cache without any extra effort.

These two are examples of files that can occur everywhere, rather than
in $HOME. While caching purposes and/or metadata are certainly valid
reasons to hide files away, I don't think that storing configuration is
just as valid.

Moreover, your problem about removing cache with a directory can be
easily worked around by using some cache expiry algorithm.

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