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Re: Hidden files

Roger Leigh <rleigh@whinlatter.ukfsn.org> wrote:
> IMO dotfiles are a historical artifact which we are stuck with.  If we
> were just starting today, I'm sure we would be using ~/etc/bashrc
> rather than ~/.bashrc so the user's files match the standard
> locations.  It's logical, simple, and would make many things easier.
> While historical reasons are acceptable for users' dotfiles, I remain
> to be convinced that there is a logical rationale for them in any
> system location, or even anywhere under $HOME except the root.

	For most cases I agree, there's little point to it, but I don't
think they pose a real security risk either. I mean, "find" will reveal them
by default, and for the really security-concious, it's easy to alias ls to
"ls -a". And I can see a use for them in global directories, for files that
you should not modify unless you
*really* know what you are doing.

		- Tyler

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