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Re: Summary of Debconf i18n/l10n activities

On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 02:04:09PM -0300, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> You wrote a good overview about the possible workflow, but i still
> miss exactly how we (or the coordinators) will merge from third
> parties (eg: Rosetta) and most important, how we will push our
> translations back to the upstream (eg: GNOME).

I do not know what has been discussed at DebConf, but I hope that
Debian translators will only translate Debian material and not
interfere with other translation teams.

> I think there's a lot of translations being done for different apps in
> Rosetta, but it's not pushed back to their upstream, so we need to
> keep in mind that we will do a lot of "bridge"
> (Rosetta->Pootle<->Projects) work to start, just in this scenario.

Err, no, we have to not repeat the same mistakes.


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