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Re: New LTSP uploaded!

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> On ltsp-utils? Would be better if you could join our effort to make
> LTSP good enough to all vendors. We're trying to make flexible enough
> that will be trivial to share code between Debian, Ubuntu and any
> other vendor that start to use our code.
> Also, there's some tools from ltsp-utils that might be good to have in
> but then would be good if you join pkg-ltsp project and coordenate
> with the rest of people what to get in.
> See you there ;-)
OK.  If that is the case, please feel free to take the ltsp-utils
package.  I only expressed an interest in it since it was orphaned and I
am using LTSP at my church.  I am rather busy with some of the other
packaging efforts I have joined.  So please, feel free.  If you would
still like my help, I will let you know when I am ready to join in a few


Roberto C. Sanchez

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