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Re: NMU procedure and /usr/bin/nmudiff defaults

Adeodato "=?utf-8?B?U2ltw7M=?=" <dato@net.com.org.es> writes:

> Hi all,
> for those who don't know, nmudiff is a small script by Steinar H.
> Gunderson that, when invoked in the source tree of a NMU, will create a
> diff with respect the previous version, and send it to the BTS. I've
> found it quite useful myself, and probably others have as well.

I always use debdiff >patch and then check that for abnormalities
before using reportbug to send it in.

> By default, the current version of nmudiff opens a new bug against the
> package and attaches the diff to it. I recently submitted wishlist
> #370056 against devscripts so nmudiff behaves like this only if --new is
> passed, and by default sends the patch to the bugs the NMU fixes.

I think that a NMU that fixes only one bug should always go to that
bug. If it fixes multiple bugs it might be better to open a new one
and only drop a notice about it in the affekted bugs. Might be little
point in duplicating the patch all over the BTS.


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