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Re: gcc 4.1 or not

* Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [2006-06-04 21:01]:
> As we are below the 20 packages count if bug #366820 is correct (and
> Martin just confirmed the number), it is ok to do the switch now.
> Martin, can you please also mark these bugs as serious now (as
> they're FTBFS then)?

Yes, we have been under 20 bugs for a while now.  Most of the
outstanding bugs fall into two categories:
 - bugs that have been fixed upstream and are now waiting for a new
 - packages that have other RC bugs and cannot be uploaded
Fortunately, the former is the majority.  All maintainers of these
packages are aware of the importance of these bugs and I'll continue
to pester them. ;-)

While I've been building the archive with gcc 4.2 recently, I've
haven't done a re-run with 4.1.1 yet.  Matthias uploaded the packages
a few days ago and they passed NEW today so I'll do it this week.
I don't expect many new issues from this though.  Furthermore, I
assume that some of the packages that passed through NEW might not
build with gcc 4.1 but again that should not be a show stopper.

I found one serious bug in 4.1.1 though (#370308) which needs to be
fixed before 4.1 can be the default (since it produces a bogus error
on some Perl headers which get included by many packages).  Matthias
is aware of this and is (I think) working on an update already (one
single patch needs to be reverted).  gcc-defaults can be changed after
a new 4.1.1 package enters the archive.

In terms of architectures, there wasn't terribly much feedback from
the porters.  However, I have done full archive rebuilds on a number
of the architectures in the meantime and it looks good.  I might have
missed a bug or two since I didn't investigate each error in detail
this time but I think most errors I ignored where generic build
problems or something related to the new X.

The status, as far as I'm concerned, is the following:

   arch            status    tests
+  alpha           good      full archive rebuilt
+  amd64           good      full archive rebuilt
?  arm             unknown   untested
?  hppa            would benefit from 4.1 (abi); untested
+  i386            good      full archive rebuilt
?  ia64            unknown   untested
+  mips            good      full archive rebuilt
+  mipsel          see mips
+  powerpc         good      full archive rebuilt

-  hurd-i386       didn't build until recently; fixed in 4.1.1
?  kfreebsd-i386   they'd like to have 4.1
+  m68k            4.1 fixes many compiler bugs
?  s390            unknown   untested
+  sparc           good      full archive rebuilt

Martin Michlmayr

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