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Re: proposal for a more efficient download process

#include <hallo.h>
* curt manucredo (hansycm) [Fri, May 26 2006, 07:53:58PM]:

> this can lead to this:
> ----------------------
> if a patch is available:
> 1. look in /var/cache/apt/packages for the package to be updated. if the 
> old one is there patch it's files. md5sum. happy? if not...
> 2. try to repack the package with dpkg-repack. patch the files. md5sum. 
> if no success...

Repacking may suck, as pointed out by others. Why not just modify dpkg?
I imagine a new kind of "package-diff" packages, containing diffs
instead of real files. Eg. for the last n versions of a package (or for
m versions in a certain time frame). This way files would be created
smoothly on-the-fly. Of course the special dpkg program would use
debsums first to check the integrity of the installed package contents
before trying to patch them. And of course it would only continue after
the contents have been copied and patched successfully in a separate


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