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Re: Real Life hits: need to give up packages for adoption


thanks for the numerous offers and replies.

I forgot to mention that most (if not all) of these are managed with
git. I don't use dpatch or similar tools - managing patches is the SCM's

The archives mostly are on netz.smurf.noris.de; if "your" package is
not, and you're interested in working with git (or importing into your
own SCM), drop me a line and I'll push it.

The package build script I use is called "b.debuild", it's in the
sourcemgr.git archive.

Still open:
> * kforth
>   (new Upstream)

> * festival, speech-tools
Franz Pletz

> * gnutls, gcrypt, libtasn1, libksba
>   (security-critical, some work required, having a team for these
>   packages would be ideal)
Andreas Metzler, Eric Doland, James Westby

> * NTP server
Christoph Haas, Simon Richter

> * libdigest-hmac-perl, libdigest-sha1-perl, libdigest-md2-perl,
>   libdigest-perl, libio-interface-perl, libio-socket-multicast-perl,
>   libnet-xwhois-perl, libvideo-capture-v4l-perl
Zak B. Elep

> * python-docutils
martin f krafft

> * python-imaging
Matthias Klose

> * gnulib
Daniel Baumann

> * gnupg2[1]
Eric Dorland, Franz Pletz

> * hashalot
Adam Borowski

> * tcng
Adam Borowski

> * ufraw
Hubert Chan

> * videogen
Bas Zoetekouw

[1] I agreed with James Troup that the package will revert to him when
    gnupg2 is actually ready to supersede gnupg -- whenever *that* is.
    (I assume that this will be open to negotiation when the time comes.)

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