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Re: Package Selection for Debian Live

Eric Cooper wrote:
> I suggest that you provide the same packages that Knoppix does (as long
> as they're free), since Knoppix has been out there with a real user
> community for several years now.  No need to reinvent the wheel.

True, but knoppix is i386/amd64 only. Debian Live works on i386/amd64
too, but at least on sparc and powerpc too. So I hope to get feedback
from all non-intel/non-amd users.

Currently, the images are not autobuilded for that archs. The buildds
used for powerpc and sparc in Debian are either machines and/or
configurations, which do not support building packages for sparc64 resp.
powerpc64 (it does work here on my local machines, which are capable of
building the 64 bit packages).

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