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Re: Package Selection for Debian Live

* Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@panthera-systems.net> [2006-05-30 22:19]:
> [ crosspost to live, -devel and -edu; replies please to -devel ]
> at the moment, we have two types of Live CD images:
>   * the small one which contains only packages of standard priority,
>   * and three larger ones, each of which contains one of the common
>     desktop-environments on it (gnome, kde, xfce).
> Now, we would like to create a decent package selection which reflects,
> as well as possible, the users' desires. There should be one package
> selection for a 700MB CD-ROM, and one for a 4.5GB DVD-ROM. With the
> current squashfs compression, the actual filesystem size is about 3
> times bigger than the packed one. This means that there can be quite a
> few packages on it :) I'm open for your suggestions...

Would be useful if you could provide the package lists for 
the two images so we can see whats already included and send 
you patches.
Regards Nico
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