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Re: Renaming a package

Simon Richter <Simon.Richter@hogyros.de> writes:

> Hi,
> Andreas Fester schrieb:
>> I create a new package with the new name which will
>> get uploaded to the NEW queue. This package replaces the
>> old package and conflicts with the old package:
>> Replaces: oldPackage
>> Conflicts: oldPackage (<< firstVersionOfNewPackage)
> IIRC the correct way to do that is
> Package: oldpkg
> Depends: newpkg
> Description: transitional dummy package
> Package: newpkg
> Replaces: oldpkg
> Conflicts: oldpkg
> Description: ...

Package: newpkg
Replaces: oldpkg
Conflicts: oldpkg (<< version-of-dummy-package)
Provides: oldpkg
Description: ...

The conflict must be limited to non-dummy versions of oldpkg or the
dummy oldpkg becomes uninstallable (and therefore useless). The
Provides ensures that non-versioned depends on the old package keep
working if you remove the dummy package.


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