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Re: Real Life hits: need to give up packages for adoption

On 5/29/06, bounce-debian-devel=zakame=spunge.org@lists.debian.org
<bounce-debian-devel=zakame=spunge.org@lists.debian.org> wrote:
I am sorry (and not happy with myself) that I've been procrastinating
about this for too long. This decision has not been easy. However,
I need to focus more on (a) work that actually feeds my kids, and
(b) time that is *not* spent hacking.

Awww... :(

* libdigest-hmac-perl, libdigest-sha1-perl, libdigest-md2-perl,
 libdigest-perl, libio-interface-perl, libio-socket-multicast-perl,
 libnet-xwhois-perl, libvideo-capture-v4l-perl

I'd like to take these up.



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