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Re: Real Life hits: need to give up packages for adoption

*  () wrote:
> Hi,
> My inability to find enough time to focus on package maintainance
> has been *way* too persistent. I therefore need to give up my packages
> for adoption, for the time being.
> I am sorry (and not happy with myself) that I've been procrastinating
> about this for too long. This decision has not been easy. However,
> I need to focus more on (a) work that actually feeds my kids, and
> (b) time that is *not* spent hacking.
> Before filing Orphan bugs, I'd like to ask whether anybody wants to
> tackle these packages. The Easy Pickings stuff would be ideal start-up
> work for new maintainers / mentorship; some of the others do need some
> work.

> * gnupg2
>   (some clean-up work)

I'd like to take this, as it ties into some of my work packaging
OpenSC quite nicely. 

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