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Re: {SPAM} Debian Mini-distro: how to recompile base-system and remove Java?

Em Seg, 2006-05-29 às 13:49 +0100, Chris Boot escreveu:
> I'm starting work again on a thinned-down version of Debian I call PicoDebian. 
> The idea of this new version is to replace glibc with uClibc, and generally slim 
> down various packages to fit nicely in confined environments.

This need is starting to become more and more evident... I'm working on
this also, using SLIND as toolchain and initial bootstrap (which,
actually, is saving the day).

> Can anybody give me a helping hand in building a basic base-system that I can 
> use to recompile other packages? How about removing all the Java dependencies 
> from gcc-3.3, gettext, et al?

The challange is to compile the other packages that compose the
build-essential package list. With that, in theory, you can setup a

I'm working locally on this (my bandwidth is poor, so it's hard to me to
upload partial progress). The uclibc-i386 packages missing to me are:
* gcc
* libgdbm3
* libdb4.2 (I'm very near on finishing this one)
* perl (which depends on the two libs above)

I'm working with sarge, as it's easier to deal with a frozen target, but
after that 4 packages, we have the way to setup a buildd and start
natively building packages.


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