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Debian Mini-distro: how to recompile base-system and remove Java?

Hi all,

I'm starting work again on a thinned-down version of Debian I call PicoDebian. The idea of this new version is to replace glibc with uClibc, and generally slim down various packages to fit nicely in confined environments.

I've managed to build several of the base-system packages already, mostly forcing dependencies to be ignored as a start, but there are some that I'm not entirely sure how to get around.

For example, a huge number of packages depend on gettext. While I've installed a local version from vanilla upstream source, this isn't good enough! The gettext source package itself would be better, but requires Java related tools to build. I'd rather keep Java and other such less-used stuff out of my distro, which also means thinning down GCC so it no longer requires quite so much to build, and no longer building Java.

Can anybody give me a helping hand in building a basic base-system that I can use to recompile other packages? How about removing all the Java dependencies from gcc-3.3, gettext, et al?

Many thanks,

Chris Boot

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