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Re: Bug#369257: remote bug tracking system doesn't look at versions

Le Lun 29 Mai 2006 07:50, Thomas Bushnell BSG a écrit :
> Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

> > Um... usertags have user-defined semantics.  How can you claim that
> > the usertags being set are wrong?
> As I understand it, the complaint is that bts-link is changing user
> tags set by the maintainer.

then if that's true (which is not obviously), he is complaining about me 
changing *my* own usertags. He should use another user for his tags. 
But honnestly, if you want to know what's wrong (AIUI), it's that:

the debian bug is assigned to gcc-4.1, and has been reopened upstream 
for gcc-snapshot or sth similar. and Matthias is wining because I 
didn't understood it ???

I should have a web page written about bts-link, I know, but its 
behaviour is not magical. He sends his updates mails to the 
$(source_package) the bug is assigned to. Sorry for Matthias, but the 
debian bug of which I updated the metadata *IS* a gcc-4.1 bug, and 
there is no behaviour problem in bts-link.
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