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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Re: Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys


> First of all, my name is Martin Felix Krafft (with a final 't'), and
> my GPG key ID is 0x330c4a75. The unofficial ID I presented listed
> that name (without the middle name), a photo is available from [1]
> (sorry, can't do better now). Thus, the ID card is an unofficial
> card, but the identity it claims is my real identity, not a fake
> one. To me, this is an important distinction in the context of this
> discussion.

This has opened a can of worms; because your transnational ID was as
official as it could get. Most of us do not know what other countries
consider to be official, and it's more of an intent and goodwill
rather than scientific or legally binding officialness that we are
signing and interchaning keys based on ID cards.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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