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Re: Bug#367028: ITP: cpulimit -- limits the cpu usage of a process

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gregor herrmann wrote:
> On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 05:34:23PM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>   Description     : limits the cpu usage of a process
>>>  cpulimit is a simple program that attempts to limit the cpu usage of a
>>>  process (expressed in percentage, not in cpu time). This is useful to
>>>  control batch jobs, when you don't want then to eat too much cpu. It does not
>>>  act on the nice value or other priority stuff, but on the real cpu usage.
>> I thought nice was supposed to handle these kinds of things, and
>> that a busy CPU is a *good* thing.
> On an otherwise idle box even a process (re-)niced to 19 uses all the
> CPU. That might be desirable often but in other cases (e.g. when
> CPU temperature is an issue) you might still want to say "assign this
> process only xy% of CPU resources".

Roll-your-own CPU scaling...

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