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Re: proposal for a more efficient download process

"curt manucredo (hansycm)" <hansycm@a1.net> writes:

> Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@ftwca.de> wrote:
>  >Nope. You will need to keep all normal debs anyway, for new
>  >installations.
> i thought it could be possible in the end to download the tree-package
> and all its patches to then have the latest package for a new install!
> so i thought there will be no more need for a lot of full packages. is
> it not? one of the advantages could be that you have more versions
> available then just the latest - this would be great for sid!

But stupid for stable and, since testing is the testbed for the next
stable, for testing also. You need a full deb there to build proper
CDs and DVDs. And since you don't know what version will make it into
stable beforehand you have to save the full deb of every version.


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