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Re: not running depmod at boot time

On May 27, Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:

> > > > This is not a choice, every package which installs modules must run
> > > > depmod or they will not be available until a reboot.
> > > Yes. But no package (besides maybe module-init-tools) should ever run
> > > depmod at boot time. This all started because several packages do run
> > They do it at install time if they install modules.
> No, they don't. At least my packages call it only if `uname -r` ==
> target version. When you drop the depmod run, and someone installs a new
> kernel together with accompanying module packages and only THEN reboots,
> the modules.dep* files won't be updated. I don't think that depmod
So your packages should be fixed to call "depmod $KVERSION".

> --quick (aka -A) slows down the boot process that much. Could you show
> real numbers please?
You should ask the people who proposed this.

> Unfortunately there is no good workaround because we have to deal with a
> dimension out of our control, the user.
No, we can expect users to run depmod after manually installing modules,
because this is the procedure which has been documented since forever.
Users anyway tend to not manually build modules for a different kernel
than the one they are running, so they know that they can run depmod -a
and use the new modules without the need to reboot.
So far I think we only need to know how many packages like your exist.


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