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Re: not running depmod at boot time

#include <hallo.h>
* Marco d'Itri [Sat, May 27 2006, 11:29:32AM]:

> > > This is not a choice, every package which installs modules must run
> > > depmod or they will not be available until a reboot.
> > Yes. But no package (besides maybe module-init-tools) should ever run
> > depmod at boot time. This all started because several packages do run
> They do it at install time if they install modules.

No, they don't. At least my packages call it only if `uname -r` ==
target version. When you drop the depmod run, and someone installs a new
kernel together with accompanying module packages and only THEN reboots,
the modules.dep* files won't be updated. I don't think that depmod
--quick (aka -A) slows down the boot process that much. Could you show
real numbers please?

Unfortunately there is no good workaround because we have to deal with a
dimension out of our control, the user.


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