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Re: sending debian-private postings to gmail

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Ian Jackson wrote:
> Kevin B. McCarty writes ("Re: sending debian-private postings to gmail"):
>> Ian Jackson wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> distributed to computers whose owners and operators cannot be expected
>>> to refrain from processing the content in other ways.
>>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> [...]  If you are sufficiently paranoid, [...]
> However, it is _not_ silly to observe that Google are counting up how
> many times certain keywords appear and providing reports to their
> advertisers.  We don't know exactly what those reports look like but
> it might be quite easy to find out what topics are being discussed on
> debian-private.
> It's clear that Google think they have the legal right (given to them
> by the developer-user) to facilitate that and it's also clear that
> they have no particular reason to spend effort thinking about how to
> make it difficult for their advertiser customers to do that kind of
> thing.

ROT13?  Such "encryption" would not hinder the NSA, but would bollox
Google's keyword counting.

Do any modern GUI MUAs do ROT13 anymore?
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