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Re: drupal orphaned?

Martin Samuelsson wrote:
Erik Steffl @ 2006-05-24 (Wednesday), 09:28 (-0700)
Christoph Berg wrote:
No, please have a look at http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/drupal.html.
  what exactly I would be looking for? I know that drupal has a formal
  maintainer. However no work has been done on drupal for a long time
  and it's already two versions behind upstream (more than a year
behind). So it seems like it's de facto orphaned -

The web link above states that the latest maintainer upload was made
2006-04-18. That's roughly a month ago, which isn't really "a long
time" ago. The web page in question also lists several other uploads.

the package is two versions and more than a year behind upstream. Which will make it pretty hard to upgrade because upstream provides support for upgrades from version to next version, not across two versions. These are pretty major upgrades so...

as far as I can tell last significant change of drupal package was 2005-01-09 which was 4.4.2 to 4.5.1 upgrade - drupal 4.5.1 was released 2004/12/1 (http://drupal.org/drupal-4.5.1) so that was pretty good but that was the end of it (minor security updates since then, new versions ignored)

I was just asking whether anybody knows more (there's not much
response from maintainer, see bugs for drupal package, specifically
the ones that ask for new versions -

In #307821 the maintainer answers all factual questions asked, and
invites people to help with the packaging.

Maybe you should start with helping the maintainer instead of trying to
remove him from his position. Regardless of who's the maintainer,
someone needs to do the work.

remove him from position??? I'm just trying to figure out whether it makes sense to use debian package or whether I should just install drupal myself. I am not a debian developer and don't think I can be useful packaging drupal. Note that there are already some offers to help in the bugs...

since there are no recent responses to wishlist bugs that are asking for new versions of drupal into debian so I thought I'd ask here - perhaps somebody is working on something... (I also asked on debian-user, no responses there)


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