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Re: Packages violating policy 8.2

>>>>> "Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>         I am not sure the sections need clarification, inasmuch as
>  they do not really apply to setools. I might clarify that 8.2 is
>  meant for packages that provide shared libraries for general use by
>  other package developers, and it implies a certain level of assurance
>  that the rug shall not be yanked out from under the aforementioned
>  developers feet.


I have a package (ipsec-tools) which has a similar situation to setools and
already has a bug filed for it (See #314981). I considered moving the
concerned shared libraries into the plugin directory because these "shared
libraries" were only for the ipsec-tools binaries and not for general
use. That would need lots of unnecessary changes to the makefiles, probably
fiddling with the dreaded RPATH etc.  So, I think a clarification will be


Ganesan Rajagopal

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