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Re: RFC: Better portability for package maintainers

On Sun, 2006-05-21 at 09:44:50 -0700, Erast Benson wrote:
> because non-glibc Debian architectures does exists (i.e.
> FreeBSD,Solaris,Darwin), and it is time to consider them and accept
> their existence. Those core architectures are open sourced and their
> communities will only grow over time. It is not like they will
> disappear, that means Debian must adjust to the new fact of life: "we
> have more than one major OS totally open-sourced at its core".

There's no such thing as a non-glibc FreeBSD port for Debian for years
now. The only one maintained and in good shape is GNU/kFreeBSD (based
on glibc).


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