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Re: Why not making /sbin/sendmail a mantadory component for mail operation?

Ron Johnson wrote:
> The d-i people, or the m-t-a people?  That's where you define what
> kind of service you want.
> You'd not just have to bluntly ask, but firmly recommend that they
> install the m-t-a as a relay host.  (Once a desktop user like me
> figures out what a relayhost is, and that it won't hose me or make
> my system an open spam relay, it's easy to do.  Now all my outgoing
> mail is relayed to smtp.myisp.net via postfix, but for 4 years of
> using Linux, and 6 years of OS/2 & NT4 before that, it was the
> traditional "put smtp.myisp.net in my MUA".)
> Ignorance, fear of becoming an open relay and years of learning 
> will have to be overcome before Most Users will config Debian to
> use a relayhost.

Perhaps this is something that should be noted in the install notes.  I
know that numerous proposals in the past for splitting Debian into
different desktop and server distros have been shotdown.  However, we
could create seperate release notes or installtion manuals for server
and desktop setups.  The desktop-oriented instructions can include
things like "Most users will want to use their ISPs mail servers.  If
you have a mail server available from your ISP, you can configure your
system to use it by default by following these steps."

That would probably help to eliminate much confusion.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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