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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

Carlos Correia wrote:
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> Florian Weimer escreveu:
> | * Jeroen van Wolffelaar:
> |
> |
> |>Official packages of Sun Java are now available from the non-free
> |>section of Debian unstable, thanks to Sun releasing[11 Java under a new
> |>license: the Operating System Distributor License for Java (DLJ)[2][3].
> |
> |
> | This license requires that we remove all other Java implementations
> | from the mirror network:
> |
> No, it doesn't!
> ~From DLJ FAQ (http://download.java.net/dlj/DLJ-FAQ-v1.1.txt):
> 8.  Does this license prevent me shipping any alternative technologies
> ~    in my OS distribution?
> ~  The DLJ does not restrict you from shipping any other technologies
> ~  you choose to include in your distribution. However, you can't use
> ~  pieces of the JDK configured in conjunction with any alternative
> ~  technologies to create hybrid implementations, or mingle the code
> ~  from the JDK with non-JDK components of any kind so that they run
> ~  together. It is of course perfectly OK to ship programs or libraries
> ~  that use the JDK. Because this question has caused confusion in the
> ~  past, we want to make this absolutely clear: except for these
> ~  limitations on combining technologies, there is nothing in the DLJ
> ~  intended to prevent you from shipping alternative technologies with
> ~  your OS distribution.

Why isn't e.g. an alternative pointing from some other Java environment
to the JDK javac a "hybrid implementation"?

It is the point of a distribution like Debian to integrate the various


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